How does work?


We Aggregate Demand

Thanks to customers like you, we are able to aggregate different audiences, from those who spend on the Cloud to those who want to build out their ideas.


We optimize the work

In the case of CloudOps, our AI re-packages how the capacity is purchased, and in the case of Builder, it writes out common code and automatically finds the right people from our tens of thousands of developers, designers and product managers for your idea.


We consolidate supply

We then use that aggregate, optimized purchase to buy capacity from our partners, whether they be a small dev shop or AWS.


They charge you for every line of code; we bill you for what’s unique. 

Most software is made up of 60% Components (i.e Facebook Login or integration with an Analytics Provider) and 40% design and business logic. Our AI draws from our library of Components so that you don’t pay to build what’s been built before.

They’re limited by the people they hire; our partners have the best engineers in the World.

Integration, Design & Business Logic are done by our network that works on demand, so you only pay for work performed. We partner with the World’s Largest Development Firms to bring their best people to you.


They take weeks to deliver your product spec; We provide ‘build cards’ instantly. 

When you build your app on Builder, we guarantee a price online and even offer a rebate if it's ready before time; a stark contrast to the change-request laden, always delayed and never on budget outsourcing market that leaves most customers unhappy. This translates into us being faster and more cost-effective.

UBS (Ubiquitous Billing Service)

UBS allows you to get guaranteed discounts from AWS without any impact to your infrastructure and with no reserved commitments..  We use the aggregate purchasing power of the tens of thousands of instances purchased through our platform coupled with advanced machine learning and Operations Research to buy forward capacity and get you the best possible price in the market.

Intelligent Infrastructure Services

Intelligent Infrastructure Services reduce the time spent on tedious maintenance work ranging from AWS Migration Service (move or copy between availability zones with a one-click “machine-managed” migration process) to Backup Monitoring and even Autonomous Auto-Scaling Setup.

Upfront Cloud Wallet

Upfront Cloud Wallet ensures you never overspend on your account or get stuck at the grocery store because your credit card is blocked (all in local currency).